Are you seeking to train your staff about Nutrition in a fun, easy and cost effective way?

Is health and wellbeing important to you and your company?

If so, we'd like to introduce the all new LEVEL 2 Nutrition Interactive Challenge Game Show...

Occupational Health is of vital importance to everyone in the workplace and with the growing cost of illness to business, it is essential that Companies look at ways to improve the health and wellbeing of their personnel.

This fully interactive DVD game show is packed full of Nutrition based questions and answers and is ideal for use with any Nutrition or Healthier Food and Special Diets training programmes.

It allows a Trainer or Manager to test the knowledge of their staff during the course and/or as revision before taking any examination. The candidates will love playing this game, whilst improving their knowledge and understanding of Nutrition.

The Game provides a total of 43 questions and like a well know TV quiz show, each time Monica asks a question she gives the player four possible answers.

The player then has 30 seconds, against the clock to select their chosen answer.

Once an answer is selected the advanced DVD logic will tell the player if they are right or wrong. Additionally the player's scores are also kept and Monica will correct any wrong answers by giving the player the right answer. Importantly the player can go back at any time to recap and to ensure they have a full understanding.

The Game is highly structured and split into four sections, including:

•The Balance of Good Health

•Diet and Health

•Nutritional Requirements of Different Groups

•Food Processing & Labelling

It can be played during the existing training modules as an enjoyable break or alternatively can be used for a fun and simple refresher training session.

The Level 2 Nutrition Challenge interactive game show is an ideal tool to achieve greater knowledge and a thorough understanding of nutrition and health.

This fun, modern approach to training will add interest to your course and help learners gain a thorough understanding of the subject. This DVD is compatible with virtually all PC/laptop DVD drives and stand-alone DVD players.

The DVD can be customised by arrangement, perhaps to feature a welcome video from your CEO or company trainer, your own company branding and packaging with logos on packaging and within the video. Or perhaps to include additional personalised questions or to include other training material - both video and computer based data files, programs or web links. Please ask if any of this would be of interest.

If you wish to discuss any aspect of this product and how it could assist your company, please use the contact form or call our technical team FREE on 0800 612 8996 and we will be pleased to assist.


This Advanced Interactive DVD is compatible with virtually all
PC/laptop DVD drives and stand-alone DVD players.


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About the author and presenter:

Monica Price studied at the University of Worcester and gained her Post Graduate Diploma in Nutritional Therapy.

She is a member of BANT and CNHC and has almost 15 years experience in health and nutrition and works with children and adults across the UK.

Monica founded and runs Touchwood Training an Accredited Training Centre delivering Accredited training programmes in Food Safety, Health & Nutrition and Health & Safety in a wide spectrum of businesses including Children’s Centres, Early Years & Childcare Service, Schools and Colleges.

She is fully qualified to train and consult at all levels and is the Preferred Training Provider for Worcestershire County Council.

Touchwood Training also provides a Consultancy Service giving a unique and client specific service for the set up and development of Nursery settings and various Health & Well Being Programmes.

Monica is the UK Nutritional Advisor for the Love Food Hate Waste Campaign and heads a team of cooks holding road shows, cooking demonstrations and cooking sessions raising awareness of the campaign across the UK.